Fire Angel Wi Smoke Battery Alarm

  • Sealed for life 10 year sensor and power pack
  • Types of battery alarms optical and heat detector
  • 5 year warranty
  • Thermoptek technology
  • Up to 50 alarms can be linked in a single network
  • Low battery status of a single alarm communicated to all other alarms in the network

Fire Angel Wi Smoke Battery Alarm is suitable For Kitchen, Garage, Attic


Smart deals are here with Fire Angel Wi Smoke Battery Alarm. Buy two or more alarms for replacement and get amazing discounts. Reach out to customer agents at whatever time, and they will get to you instantly. Customer services are guaranteed 24/7, even in cases of emergencies.

The affordable fee is inclusive of installation labor and the right appliances. Placing an order is online via a phone, tablet or computer. Buy one before the stock runs out. Fire Angel Wi Smoke Battery Alarm comes with an inbuilt Wi-Safe 2 component that allows it to wirelessly interlink with multiple alarms such that if one alarm goes off, they all go off.

It comes with a ten year sealed life battery backup. The alarm can detect fire, which is enhanced by the Thermoptek optical smoke sensor. It has a locate feature that enables it to silence all while initiating an alarm in the network. A customer gets a two-year warranty when they purchase one.