Gas Boiler Shut off Kit

  • 10 year life span of carbon monoxide alarms
  • Available in battery 9V, 5/10 year lithium battery and mains wired
  • Interlinked to you smoke alarms (RF needed)
  • Features advanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure levels of CO
  • CO sensitivity level: 10ppm-50ppm depending
  • Suitable for wall mounting or freestanding offering greater flexibility in positioning

PRE 3000S Optical is Suitable for your living room, hallway landing area and bedroom.

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Gas Boiler Shutoff Kit is available at an affordable price inclusive of installation labor and all the appliances. Get your phone, place an order online, and the deliveries shall reach your home instantly. Gas Boiler Shutoff Kit has distinctive features that make it useful and efficient.

It comes with two-carbon monoxide alarms that aids in detecting low levels of carbon monoxide. As a result, it sends for an alert on the premises of a possible fire outbreak. It comes with hardwire interconnection that makes it easy to connect with other devices. Gas Boiler Shutoff Kit has a 5-amp relay station that controls all its operations. Get Gas Boiler Shutoff Kit at €599.