EI140S Heat

  • 10 year life span
  • Battery back up 9V
  • All types smoke Optical Alarms, Ionisation Alarms, Heat Alarms and radio link
  • Perfect for any budget and great value
  • Ei140 series alarms can be interconnected with cable

Suitable for your kitchen and garage

Hassle no more! STD EI140S Heat will guarantee you hours of full-time security from intruders. The package is inclusive of installation labor and all the appliances. STD EI140S Heat alarms are available for replacement, and upon purchase of two or more, you get incredible discount offers. Enjoy satisfaction as deliveries will reach you right at your convenience.

Click, view, add to the cart and place an order online. Is that not easy? Plus, in case of an emergency, the customer agents are within reach and will attend to you instantly. STD EI140S Heat is suitable for your kitchen and garage. Its unique features make it efficient with a fast-acting A1 thermistor. It is silence compatible with a remote test that allows it to operate from the main operator hence easy to locate. STD EI140S HEAT has a power voltage of 230V AC supply with 9V battery back-up.

It can sense and send an alert, which is enhanced by the photoelectric sensor. The Large Test/Hush button enhances a call for help in case of emergency. It has an easy-fit base, hardwires interconnection, memory feature and an integrated piezoelectric sounder. The product comes with warranty.