• High-performance optical sensor
  • Wireless interconnect
  • 10 year sealed Lithium battery
  • Easy to install twist-on base
  • Large easy to use Test/Hush button
  • Alarm ramp up in Test mode
  • Integrated piezoelectric sounder

650RF EI SMOKE ALARM Suitable For Kitchens

The EI650RF is a RadioLINK Optical Smoke Alarm, powered by a built-in 10 year Lithium battery. This battery is designed to outlast the useable life of the alarm. The Ei650RF RadioLINK+ Optical Smoke Alarm is best for detecting slow, smouldering fires commonly produced by electrical fires or sofas and is less likely to react to cooking smells if fitted in the hallway next to the kitchen. The Ei600RF series smoke alarm with 10 year sealed lithium battery give total peace of mind over the entire product life without ever having to change batteries. These alarms are also widely accepted as an alternative to BS5839-pt6 Grade D (mains powered, interlinked alarms). Installing these units cuts out the need for an electrician, visible wiring and hence avoids mess and disruption.