EI Battery Carbon Monoxide Battery

  • Wireless interconnect
  • Alarm automatically monitors the battery every 40 seconds
  • 10 year sealed Lithium battery
  • Large easy to use Test/Hush button
  • Large Test button
  • 10-year product lifetime

Suitable For (Kitchen, Garage, Attic, Hallway, Bedroom, Landing, Living Room)

Hurry when it lasts! Get discount offers by buying two or more alarms for replacement at your home. is EI Battery Carbon Monoxide Battery is available at an affordable price inclusive of all the parts and installment labor. Full-time services reach you through our customer agents who provide instant and fast feedback. Deliveries will get your home by only making an order online via the phone, computer or tablet.

EI Battery Carbon Monoxide Battery is an ideal suit for your kitchen, hallway, garage, attic, bedroom landing area and bedroom. EI Battery Carbon Monoxide Battery can download audio link data efficiently. Its installation is made easy by the fit twist-on base, and it has an audible and visual “End of Life “indication.

The alarm comes with a proven electrochemical ten year CO sensor and a ten year sealed Lithium Battery. The test/hush button operates with the main feature in triggering the main operating system. It has an inbuilt piezoelectric sounder that helps it to create an alert in case of an emergency.