EI Mains Carbon Monoxide

  • Proven electrochemical 10 year CO sensor
  • Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable Lithium battery back up
  • SmartLINK compatible
  • AudioLINK data download
  • Fault hush function
  • Easi-fit base
  • Hardwire interconnect
  • Wireless interconnect capability
  • Large Test/Hush button
  • Memory feature

Suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, open flues and gas boiler

EI Mains Carbon Monoxide is an alarm that gets to you with exclusive promotional offers. Purchase two or more for replacement and get a fantastic discount offer. It is cost-effective with a small fee inclusive of all the appliances and installation labor.

Book yours today, and delivery will reach your convenience. Customer services are available 24/7 in case of inquiries. It is suitable for the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, attic, landing area and living room. EI Mains Carbon Monoxide has a long life that proves in the inbuilt electrochemical CO sensor. Its mains are powered with a ten years rechargeable Lithium battery backup.

The hardwire interconnection and wireless interconnect capability make it easy to connect with other wireless devices. It has an easy-fit that makes it easy to install and use with a fault hush function. The large test/hush button operates with the main feature of sending signals to the primary operator.

EI Mains Carbon Monoxide is SmartLink compatible and allows audio link data download. EI Mains Carbon Monoxide is available for an affordable price of €145.