Fire Angel Battery Carbon

  • Sealed for life 10 year sensor and power pack
  • Types of battery alarms optical and heat detector
  • 5 year warranty
  • Thermoptek technology
  • Up to 50 alarms can be linked in a single network
  • Low battery status of a single alarm communicated to all other alarms in the network

Fire Angel Battery Carbon is suitable for areas such as an open fire, gas cooker or boiler

Every delivery is now a roll of the dice at the comfort of your home. Fire Angel Battery Carbon is an alarm suitable for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and boiler room. Deliveries will reach your home within 24hrs with all the appliances for installation.

Call out for customer agents in case of inquiries, and they will attend to your needs. Exclusive promotional discounts await you upon purchase of two or more alarms for replacement. It is efficient for your home safety in detecting fire emergencies. Spare some pennies for future use and make an order today. Fire Angel Battery Carbon has an advanced electrochemical sensor designed to measure low levels of CO accurately.

The alarm can easily detect fire in a specific building and send signals to alert those within the premises. It comes with a seven-year sealed life battery that is long-lasting and makes its operations effective and efficient. After purchasing the Fire Angel Battery Carbon alarm, you get a seven-year limited full warranty service. Fire Angel Battery Carbon is available for €100.