Fire Angel Battery Smoke 10 YR

  • 10 year life span of alarms
  • Available in battery 9V, 5/10 year lithium battery and mains wired
  • Interlinked to you smoke alarms
  • Two main brands EI Electronics and Fire Angel
  • Where to install bedrooms, kitchen, open flues and gas boiler
  • Gas shut off system

Suitable For Suitable For (Hallway, Bedroom, Landing, Living Room)

Smart deals are here with Fire Angel Battery Smoke 10 YR alarm. Enjoy exclusive promotional offers by buying two or more alarms for replacement in your home. Customer services are readily available with instant feedback, even in cases of emergency.

Fire Angel Battery Smoke 10 is available at an affordable price inclusive of all the appliances plus installation labor. Save your fuel today, and on your phone, computer or tablet, make an order online. Deliveries will reach your home within a specified period. It is suitable for bedroom, living room, landing area and hallway.

Fire Angel Battery Smoke 10 YR has a toast proof that reduces nuisance alarms that may cause distractions in the surrounding. In this alarm, the Thermometer optical smoke sensor in this alarm helps detect smoke and triggering the alarm in case of a fire in the building.

The operations of the notice are made efficient by the smart silence. It comes with a ten year sealed life battery. On purchase, the customer gets a 5-year warranty full service.