Fire Angel Link RF

  • 10 year life span of carbon monoxide alarms
  • Available in battery 9V, 5/10 year lithium battery and mains wired
  • Interlinked to you smoke alarms (RF needed)
  • Proven electrochemical 10 year CO sensor
  • Hardwire interconnect
  • Large Test/Hush button
  • Memory feature

Suitable For Suitable For (Kitchen, Garage, Attic)

Talk technology, talk about Fire Angel Link RF. The alarm will reach your doorstep by placing an order online. Its installation is suitable for Fire Angel Alarm. Customer care is within your reach whenever you call for their help. All parts and installation labor are inclusive in the fees.

Amazing discounts and other promotional offers are available when you buy two or more for replacement. There is a security guarantee of five years warranty on a purchase that keeps you covered. It is technologically enhanced to ensure customers get maximum protection in case of fire emergencies.

Hurry now when the stock lasts! Fire Angel Link RF has distinctive features Smart RF that enables you to connect your devices to the FireAngel Connect Gateway for diagnostics and notification. It can wirelessly interconnect up to 50 other smart RF devices within 35 meters.

The technological alarm operates in a simple two-button `learn- in` process, making it efficient and effective.