Fire Blanket

A fire emergency can arise when no one is around home except your children; no one would want to imagine such a scenario. We bring you a Fire Blanket that is suitable for domestic use at an affordable price. You can teach your folks how to operate it in case of a fire outbreak.

The package fee is inclusive of installation labor and all the required appliances. Fire Blanket has a unique small size that suits the kitchen, garage, attic, hallway, bedroom, landing area and living room. It is essential for domestic use, which makes people install it in their homes.

Fire Blanket measures approximately 1.1m x 1.1 m; thus, it is easy to use it to put off small fires that often happen in kitchens. It is suitable for clothing fire so that it may not spread to the main areas where it can destroy properties and loss of lives.

Kindly note that Fire Blanket is not used on heavily fat fires due to its small size.