Fire Extinguisher & Blanket

  • 1kg multi purpose fire extinguisher
  • 1mt x 1mt fire blanket
  • Tested for extinguishing fat fires on kitchen stoves
  • High-quality fibre glass material

Secure your home by getting a Fire Extinguisher & Blanket now for your kitchen at an affordable price. The small fee is inclusive of installation labor and all the appliances. It comes in two in one; a Fire Extinguisher and a Fire Blanket, protecting your kitchen from a fire outbreak.

Place an order online, and deliveries will reach within a specified time. Fire Extinguisher & Blanket is an alarm with unique features to guard your home in case of fire emergencies. The Fire Extinguisher refills with 600g BC powder that is non-toxic and has an inbuilt fire test rating of 21B. It is easy to install and use; besides, it can put off fires caused by electricity and liquids.

Customers should note that it is not suitable for deep fat fires, and it is user-friendly. The Fire Blanket measures approximately 1.1m x1.1 m in size hence its ability to fit in kitchens. It is suitable for small kitchen fires. Fire Blanket aids at small clothing fires. Get Fire Extinguisher & Blanket for €65.