Nest Main Smoke Alarm

  • Battery or mains available
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  • 10 year life span
  • Tests its self 400 times a day
  • Fully controllable from app
  • 2 year warranty

Suitable for your landing area, living room, bedroom and attic.

Enjoy peaceful nights with Nest Main Smoke Alarm that is suitable for your landing area, living room, bedroom and attic. The alarm is available at a lower price with all the appliances. Installation labor is inclusive of the affordable fee.

Buying two or more alarms will see you home a happy client with amazing promotional discount offers. Relax, take your phone, computer or tablet and place an order online. All deliveries reach your doorstep within a specified period. Customer services are a call away even in case of an emergency.

Hurry when the stock lasts! Nest Main Smoke Alarm is efficiently operating with in-built self-testing for sensors, batteries, speakers and sirens. It is a unique alarm that offers a nightly promise to your entire family. The alarm allows for wireless interconnection to the primary system operator.

Nest Main Smoke Alarm has a safety history due to its ability to report home by recording an emergency clip with a nest camera. It is suitable for the living room, hallway, bedroom, landing area and attic with a path light. The price of Nest Main Smoke Alarm is €210.