• 10 year battery life
  • Multi sensors
  • Smart link
  • The next level of smoke alarm protection
  • Connect with app
  • All types smoke Optical Alarms, Alarms, Heat Alarms, Heat/Carbon, Heat/Optical and radio link
  • Great for landlords to keep a eye out for fires and damage when at the premises
  • Made in Ireland

It is ideal for kitchens or in rooms where both, a heat Alarm and a CO Alarm, are normally required.

Worried that your kitchen might catch fire? Well, worry no more; PRE 3000S Heat & Carbon alarm is here for you at an affordable price. Buy two or more alarms for replacement and get home with smart discount offers. Call our customer service desks for inquiries and get instant feedback on your needs. The fair price is inclusive of all the parts and installation labor.

Book yours and escape the world of worries. The CO and heat sensor helps detect fire and high Carbon monoxide levels, making it fit for use in kitchens and garages. Its connection to the primary operator and other devices is enhanced by its wireless interconnect capability and hardwire interconnection.

PRE 3000S Heat & Carbon has the direct power with a 10-year rechargeable Lithium battery back-up. Its efficiency is with the fault hush function with an audio link data download. The memory feature operates with the hush button /large test in triggering alarms in case of emergency. It is easy to install with an easy-fit base.