• 10 year life span
  • Battery back up 9V
  • All types smoke Optical Alarms, Ionisation Alarms, Heat Alarms and radio link
  • Perfect for any budget and great value
  • Ei140 series alarms can be interconnected with cable

Suits your landing area, living room, hallway and bedroom

STD EI140S Optical comes to your door with all the appliances at an affordable fee. It will save you some dimes if you hurry and grab before the stock runs out. Get exclusive discount offers by buying two or more alarms for replacement.

The alarm suits your landing area, living room, hallway and bedroom. STD EI140S Optical is available online; all you need is to book a package via your phone, computer or tablet. Installation labor is inclusive of the small fee, and customer service is within your reach for 24 hours. STD EI140S Optical is silence compatible with a remote test that connects with the primary operator.

An integrated piezoelectric sounder enhances its effectiveness with great sound waves to send an alarm in emergency cases. STD EI140S Optical has a power voltage of 230V AC supply with a 9V battery back-up, and a photoelectric sensor allows it to sense motions from a distance with a memory feature.

Its installation is made easy by the easy-fit base feature, with hardwire interconnection. It comes with a memory feature and a hush button/extensive test.