EI140S Radio Link Extra

  • Must be Fitted by a Qualified Electrician
  • 230V AC Mains & Battery-Powered
  • Compatible with 140RC Series Alarms
  • 0dBA Alarm
  • For Use with 12 Alarms
  • LED Indicator

STD EI140S Radio Link Extra is the alarm you’ve been looking for; it’s here at an affordable price. There are amazing discounts for you on purchase of two or more alarms for replacement. The small fee is inclusive of all the parts and installation labor.

Customer services are a call away, waiting to attend to your needs even in cases of emergency. At your home’s comfort, make an order online, and all deliveries will arrive at your doorstep within 24 hours. STD EI140S Radio Link Extra is an efficient alarm that interconnects to 12 devices.

It can receive, transmit and repeat RF specific data. STD EI140S Radio Link Extra is easy to install with a unique house code feature to blend with your home design. Its efficiency is enhanced by the Radio-Link protocol that allows it to connect with other devices wirelessly.

The RF Base for the Ei140RC series is a unique feature in STD EI140S Radio Link Extra that makes it user-friendly. It’s available at €75.